BNF Embassy Cigarette Case, for Smokers Who Want Style and Convenience, Leather, Black


  • STYLISH LOOK: The BNF Embassy Cigarette Case is made from beautiful black leather. The color and material compliments any purse or outfit. This case speaks of the convenience and class of a bygone era.
  • PROTECTS YOUR INVESTMENT: No more worries about your expensive smokes getting wet on a table or dropped from a downturned pack or broken. This affordable case costs less than a pack of smokes and may pay for itself over time.
  • EASY CLOSURE: The Embassy Cigarette Case features a quick and easy clip-close top. With just a simple squeeze the case snaps shut and reopens just as easily. Convenient and easy way access and secure your cigarettes.
  • HANDY POCKET: The Embassy Cigarette Case features a handy exterior pocket on the front designed to hold a lighter. No more fumbling through pockets or rummaging through a purse, just slide a lighter into the pocket and it is always ready for you.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: The Embassy Cigarette Case makes an excellent gift for anyone who smokes tobacco. Perfect for birthdays, holidays or a kind gesture as a thank you gift.

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